HOOT is Wise Owl Films’ youth division and the hottest new digital production label in the North of England.

Yorkshire isn't simply 'bucolic' - though you'd be forgiven for thinking so from all the stuff commissioned about our (albeit cracking) countryside - and we seek to develop formats that showcase the urban, youthful, curious, culture-filled place that reflects our reality.

Yorkshire is home to exceptional young creators taking centre stage in the Northern creative revolution. Hoot is positioned to empower this entrepreneurial generation with the confidence, technical skills and pitching opportunities to get their ideas made.

Our soon-to-be-announced first commission is an urban streetwear format for Channel 4 Digital - and we're constantly pitching to YouTube Originals, TikTok, BBC3, UKTV Short Form and ITV2. The goal is to get a series away on OnlyFans. Themes on our development slate include LGBTQ+, race and climate change, alongside dirty cakes, cults, the paranormal, fake designer goods and hairy balls.

Our tight knit team is diverse, city-based and anarchic, free to experiment with youth-skewing and digital formats under the wing of the BAFTA-nominated team at Wise Owl Films.



Irrational Fear: Small spaces - although I'd argue that's just having instinct!
Who Would Play You In a Film?: Christina Ricci
Life Motto?: "Never regret anything. EVER!"

Irrational Fear: Scaffolding
Who Would Play You In a Film?: Meryl Streep
Life Motto?: "There's only two things in this world I have to do. Stay black and die"

Irrational Fear: Being trapped inside an office bog
Who Would Play You In a Film?: Daisy May Cooper
Life Motto?: In the immortal words of Avicii - "Live a life you will remember"

Irrational Fear: Being in a big body of water (yes I know that is weird being from Whitby)
Who Would Play You In a Film?: Optimistic? Tom Holland. Realistic? Thomas Turgoose
Life Motto: Weak become heroes, take a deep breath

Irrational Fear: Ladybirds
Who Would Play You In a Film?: Lachlan Watson
Life Motto: Be uniquely and unapologetically yourself.

Irrational Fear: The puppets from Labyrinth.
Who Would Play You In a Film?: Danny DeVito.
Life Motto: Show me your friends and I'll show you your future.


Irrational Fear: Working from home
Who Would Play You In a Film?: Joanna Lumley
Life Motto?: "My hips don't lie"


Irrational Fear: Moths
Who Would Play You In a Film?: Jo Brand
Life Motto?: "Don't let the Bastards Keep You Down"

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