Wise Owl Films Explores Extraordinary Farming Lives with Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen

amanda owen and the team

Britain’s most famous shepherdess – best-selling author Amanda Owen – is to travel across the UK for More4 to discover other farmers’ inspirational and moving stories in a brand-new series from Wise Owl Films. 

 Amanda Owen’s Extraordinary Farming Lives follows the mum of nine as she meets different farmers across the country to find out what life is like for them in 2022.

Over six episodes Amanda will visit a variety of farms which have diversified to earn a living and faced many challenges while trying to run a successful business and make ends meet.

In a series set amongst some of the UK’s most breath-taking landscapes, Amanda discovers what makes each business tick as she immerses herself in six very different farms – including those passed down through the generations, others that have been taken on by families totally new to rural life and farms that have battled for survival, whether against the elements, COVID or BSE.

There’ll be late nights for Amanda, early mornings, breaking bread across the dinner table and offering a helping hand with whatever jobs need doing, from ploughing and milking to sorting sheep and harvesting crops. Along the way, Amanda will also get out and about in each region to sample local rural life, as she looks at the role the modern-day farmer plays in their local community.

Amanda said: “This series will show what life’s really like for farmers in 2022. To the outside world, it might seem like some farmers have it made, with large plots of land and expensive machinery but, as ever, the truth is much more complex. I want to explore just what it means to be a farmer today, in a world where so much more is expected of us than ‘just’ being food providers. Along the way I know I’m going to meet some extraordinary, dedicated people and hear some incredible stories in the most beautiful of settings.”

Jayne Stanger, commissioning editor for Daytime and Features at Channel 4, said: “Amanda brings all of her farming and TV experience to this fascinating and celebratory new show. I’m delighted she is bringing her charm and warmth to More4 where I’m sure our audience will adore following her adventures on amazing farms around the country.”

Mark Robinson, Creative Director of Wise Owl Films, said: “Britain’s farmers are unsung heroes who helped keep the country going during the pandemic. Alongside Amanda, we want to celebrate their contribution to all of our lives by meeting farmers with inspirational stories to tell. Just like everyone else, they are affected by what’s going on in the world around them – whether it’s the real-world economics of something like Brexit, or challenges that have been more personal and even closer to home.”

Amanda Owen’s Extraordinary Farming Lives is a 6x60’ series for More4. It was commissioned by Jo Street, Head of Daytime and Features and Jayne Stanger, commissioning editor, Daytime and Features. It is produced by Wise Owl Films, series produced by James Knight and executive produced by Mark Robinson. Amanda Owen is represented by Jo Cantello at Wolfsong Media.

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